This is our Mini Hippy Makeover special 



Hippy Motors USA

car stickers for the free spirited.

The most unique car decals on the market!

We are a small, family business, who design and make our own car stickers and decals from premium grade car vinyl, made here in the USA.


  Plenty of colors to choose from!








All our vinyl car stickers are prepared by hand, making them very different from printed car stickers, they are higher in quality and last 6 to 10 years in all weather conditions. We have so many designs including; flower's, gecko's, and critters of all kinds, goddess and greenman stickers, symbol decals, butterfly decals, fairy car stickers, peace and anti war stickers, which look wonderful on any type of vehicle.


Please allow 5 to 7 business days for your order to be processed, this does NOT include shipping time.

(please don't count weekends and bank holidays, as that is our time with our kids).


    If you're outside the US and Canada, Please check out our UK website at

 And for our Spanish speaking customers, check out our Spanish website at       



 So cheer up the parking lots, festivals and highways of this world and spread a little "Road Peace" . 

Our car stickers are easy to put on, easy to take off. just use a hairdryer.



Don't limit yourself just to cars, you can put these car stickers on boats, mobile phones, laptops, furniture, toys, recycle bins, bikes, fridges, mailboxes etc, etc, etc.











  'Hippy Motors' and The Hippy Driver are registered trade marks.