Poppy car stickers

This poppy field pack comes with 1 sheet of flowers, 1 sheet of stems and 1 sheet of leaves. 

This is the easiest of the flowers to put on as it is covered in application tape. The stems and leaves you apply with soapy water.
You can choose any color for your flowers , but only have a choice of greens for the leaves and stems. 

I have used red on the photos. The stems and leaves are in dark green. 

Flower sheet - 13 flowers (4@ 2.75', 3@ 1.7", 2 @ 4", 4@1") 
Stems - 23 stems ranging from 6.7" to 2.75" in length 
Leaves - 19 leaves ranging from 5" to 1.75" in length.



Poppy field Car Stickers

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