daisy car stickers

Special offer of bargain vinyl daisy car sticker decals to adorn your car or camper van. Made to order in any color combination you want.


You get 4 sheets of each of the following:

crazy daisy car stickers transfers decals hippy motors 4 sheets of MEDIUM daisies, each sheet has 10 flowers; 2 @5", 1@3.25", 2@2", 5@1.25"shown here in sky blue and lemon yellow

big daisy flower car sticker vinyl camper van decals caravan transfer  4 sheets of LARGE daisies, each sheet has 4 flowers;  big flower is 7.5", the medium are 2.5" shown here in purple and vibrant green

giant daisy vinyl camper van sticker caravan transfer  4 sheets of BIGGEST daisies, each daisy is 10.5", shown here in fuchsia pink and panther rose

60 flowers in total 

CHOOSE the colors for the petals and flower centers. You can have whatever color combination you want. The VW beetle has used gold and silver and camper below has used white petals and honey yellow centers.

The Completely Crazy Daisy Car stickers

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