Celtic Triskelion
8 assorted triskels per set, 2x 4.75", 1x 3.25", 5x 2"inches. 
These come covered in application tape. 

Triskelion is a symbol consisting of three bent human legs, or, more generally, three interlocked spirals, or any similar symbol with three protrusions and a threefold rotational symmetry (without any reflection symmetries). 

A triskelion is the symbol of Sicily, where it is called Trisceli, and the Isle of Man, and a symbol of Brittany; the Sicilian and Manx triskelions feature three running legs, bent at the knee, conjoined at the crotch. The relation of the legged triskele to other variants is unclear. Spiral forms of the triskele are often classed as solar symbols, while the legged version, sometimes including a gorgon mask or Medusa's head at the central axle point in the Sicilian version, suggests a chthonic significance. 

Celtic Triskelion

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