Led Zeppelin car stickers

Led Zeppelin four symbols car sticker.

You can have them in 3 sizes, and for either outside bodywork or windows, or inside windows;-

SMALL - over 10 inches long x 2.25" high 

BIG - 15" long 3.25" high 

GIANT - 31.5" long x 6.5" high 

Keep them together or cut them up. 

What do these symbols mean? This is what I found out....

John Paul Jones' symbol (circle over three interlocking ovals) was found in a book of runes and represents a person who is both confident and competent.

Bonham's symbol (three interlocking circles) came from the same book, and Bonham just liked it (though Plant says the circles symbolize the man-woman-child trilogy). 

Plant's symbol (circle around a feather) features the feather of Ma'at, the Egyptian goddess of justice and fairness. It is also the emblem of a writer. 

Page designed his own symbol (Zoso), its meaning remains a mystery


Led Zeppelin four symbols car sticker

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