polka-dot car stickers
An elaboration on the plain spots, this looks so good I had to plaster my car all over with them! 
Each spot has other spots cut within it. 

#NOTE it is ONE color per sheet, so if you want 3 color spots, you need to buy 3 sheets 

This way you can have your spots with holes, or fill the holes with another color. 

In the photo, I used 3 sheets of med spots in lemon, vibrant green and spring green. 

Standard sizes are: 

1) Large, (1 large, 2 med, 6 very small,) 
1@ 7.75", 2 @ 3", 4@ 1"

2) MED spots, (4 med, 2 smaller, 4 little) 
4@ 4", 2@2.25", 4@ 1.25"

If you want 6 sheets for the price of 5 of spots, please see the 'special offers'. 

Spots in Spots Car stickers

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