vw bug daisy car stickers

This is a pack of flowers, leaves and klimt curls to help you brighten your vehicle, and get you noticed on the roads.

You'll get 2 sheets of medium crazy daisy flowers, 2 sheets of big crazy daisy flowers, 2 sheets of A4 klimt curls and 4 strips of two tone leaves in vibrant green and spring green (2 of each).

Please choose the colors for your daisies and your klimt curls. I will cut 1 sheet of big and 1 sheet of medium daisies for each of your color choices.  

The car featured in the photos has used panther rose daisies with fuschia centers , and vibrant green petals with lemon yellow centers, with spring green klimt curls.

*NOTE~The black beetle shown has additional big daisies, these may be purchased separately*

Curly Crazy Leaf Special

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