fairy stickers, flower stickers

Lots of gorgeous vinyl flower decals to adorn your car, camper, canoe etc. These vinyl flower and fairy graphics are made to order in any color combination you want.

So here's what you get:

2 Big Fairy kisses, a left and right. 

3 sheets of cherry blossom flowers

 6 Sheets of turbo mixed bed 

 Please let us know if you prefer your fairy's in a special color. otherwise we will mix it up from the 3 colors you choose.  

*Note * 4 door option doubles your order except for the fairy's

 This is Lisa's response after she learned her car had become a complete car kit. 

Jason - that is seriously cool!!!! :-)

I have to say, I am thrilled with how great my car turned out. Every
time I walk up to it in the parking lot after work, no matter how
rough my day has been, I smile and think it's the cutest car I've ever
seen, and my mood lifts. As I drive around, people notice and smile.
I've had cars pass me on the interstate, only to slow down and let me
catch up so they can get a second look. One stereotypical macho man
in a huge pickup looked at my car with such a sneer on his face, as if
to say "What an abomination!" and that made me laugh so hard that I
actually loved his reaction! More typical though is the tween-ager
girls who appear to go into raptures of ecstasy, pointing and bouncing
and bursting into animated conversation with their parents.

And surprisingly, it's made me a kinder, more thoughtful driver. I
live in a small town, and when you drive a distinctive car, you don't
want to do anything that makes people annoyed with you, because they
start to recognize you and your car!


- Lisa


Fairy kissed car kit

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