Pacman stickers
Pacman was a sensation when I was a kid and it is still cool. 
This is a kit that you have complete control of. Place the power pills where you like inter space the giant power pills and place the ghosts and pacman anywhere you like. Snake them around a window or bonnet. Have them in a straight line instead of a boring stripe. The eyes on the ghosts you make up because then you can have them looking anyway you want them to. 
This is the BIG set, we also offer small and giant. The big set has pacman at 6.5" inches in diameter, around 100 pills,  4 big pills and 4 ghosts with eyes. 
This set will do maybe 26 feet worth of track depending how you space the pills. 
Colors are as shown, if you need a special color please ask us if it can be done. 

Pacman kit (big)

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